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Patenting culture in CSIR: Generating new knowledge and protecting its Intellectual Property has been one of the core missions of CSIR. CSIR believes that performing good science and protecting intellectual property are not mutually exclusive. This credo was ingrained in the ethos of CSIR by none other than its founding Director General, Sir Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar. Dr. Bhatnagar was a globally renowned physical chemist, a Fellow of the Royal Society and was cited as an inventor in as many as 50 Patents. He licensed two of his patents to global companies and earned handsome royalties, which he generously donated to the organization that employed him.

This spirit pervades CSIR even today, after seventy years of its inception. Post 1990, CSIR has pursued its strategy of protecting its knowledge base with renewed vigour. CSIR has provided leadership to the nation in articulating the importance of IP protection, so that India's knowledge creates wealth for India, rather than wealth in other parts of the world.

CSIR was granted greater than 90% of the US patents filed by any Indian publicly funded R&D organization and has a wide portfolio of patents in its armoury. About 9% of its patents are licensed, a number which is above the global average. Amongst its peers in publicly funded research organizations in the world. CSIR-lndia is a leader in terms of filing and securing patents worldwide. CSIR's IP has led to the creation of both wealth as well as widespread societal impact. For example, the Soft Coke Over Technology has generated 342 licensees with a Direct Value Creation Multiple of at least 400. A portfolio of patents on chemistry and technology of polycarbonates) was licensed to General Electric (GE) Plastics which resulted in licensing and research income exceeding US $10 million.

These patents have played both, strategic and tactical roles. They have catalyzed the growth of a strong domestic industry, protected Indian companies from infringement and provided them with the necessary IP support to enter competitive export markets. IP of CSIR has also brought respect to the organization and visibility to India as an Innovative Nation. CSIR has demonstrated to the world that India is second to none when it comes to inventions and securing patents and has dispelled the prevalent notion that India merely thrives on imitation and copying.

Information Services

Under the Patestate initiatives, CSIR-URDIP can conduct a comprehensive search of all Indian and foreign patent information databases and provide you with value-added customized information services to meet the following needs ->

Patent landscaping - state-of-the-art searches.

Patent trends and technology analysis.Patent trends and technology analysis.

Competitive intelligence - competitor / industry technology profiling.

Current technology alerts and patent updates.

Tracking patent-to-products and market surveillance.

Research planning - patent mapping, identification of white space.

New product development studies.

Patent on activities and formulations.

Human resource management in R & D - inventor identification.

The training programmes/workshops are conducted by URDIP with an objective to provide an overview on the basic as well as advanced issues pertaining to patent search, analytics, methodology for patent protection and prosecution and other aspects related to Patent Informatics.
The training/workshops are designed to enable participants to get a feel of what is a patent, criteria for patenting, avenues and methodology for global protection. The programmes usually includes lectures and hands on exercises to enable translation of concepts into practice.
The trainings are conducted to professionals involved in innovation including individual inventors, Professors, post graduate and engineering students, scientists, and persons from business development or management field.
CSIR - URDIP offers full time “Post-Graduate Diploma in Patinformatics” awarded by the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), a university established by an act of the Parliament.For more information click here.
Acquire the skill of Patent Reading, Searching & Analysis for
Creating Patent Landscape
Identifying Research Gaps
Competitive Intelligence
New Venture Evaluation
Patent Portfolio Management
Techno-Legal Studies

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